Over the last three years of growth and opportunity, we're happy to introduce our team of women we have on board!


Owner/Lead Designer

Janelle and her family made the move to the Lowcountry in 2013 after years of summer visits.

After 26 years as a qualitative researcher, she began investing, renovating and flipping rental properties. In 2018, Janelle took an unhealthy passion for pillows, decor and design and turned her passion into a profession.

Janelle is our Lead Designer, and the glue to our business. She has an eye for style like no other and we’re so happy she started JKN.

In Janelle's free time she enjoys spending time with her family and husband, David. She has two children, Michael and Madison, and a grandson, Brooks from Michael and his wife, Kendyll.



Having grown up in the “North”, Kristen has resided in various places with “South” in their locales. From South County, Rhode Island to Southern California to South America to a most recent return stateside to South Carolina, the allure of the coast is like a siren’s song, always beckoning. 


With a background in visual merchandising, restaurant/hotel management, surf travel/tourism, and a degree in psychology, Kristen is a flexible. She is a multi-tasking queen, bi-lingual, creative, with an open mind and an open heart. She is thrilled to have landed on this low-country coast, where she has become part of an amazing team with JKN Home Staging & Designs. 


Operations Manager

Madison is a Bluffton local who moved back home after completing her Bachelor's of Science in Agricultural Communications from Auburn University in 2019. Madison excels in warehouse organization as well as our day to day operations. She is our point of contact for our clients and handles all of the scheduling and communications. Throughout her time in Auburn she completed multiple social media internships and is excited to help grow our business. When Madison isn't at work you can find her riding horses or spending time with her dogs and boyfriend.