Staging for Builders

We offer a full range of customizable services for our builder and developer clients.  


From floor plan review with suggestions, to color selections, to staging... we can help you ensure your homes have the most appeal they possibly can to all the buyers out there.  Often decreasing your time, energy and costs while increasing profits for you... we will make the perfect addition to your team.  


We also allow you the flexibility for your models to have a personality of their own, and for each floor plan to show uniquely.

Vacant Staging

Staging your vacant inventory home will fill it with the warmth and attractiveness buyers are searching for!  We will make our best recommendation for your property, which is a minimum of the main rooms of the house, but we are flexible and able to accommodate the various goals and budgets of our clients.  Perfect for any builder trying to get as much as they can out of their product, as quickly as possible.  Our services enhance not only your property's marketability, but also your brand's.