Vacant Home and Model Staging

Staging a vacant home is critical. The goal is to add enough furniture and accessories to make the space feel warm and comfortable and to give home buyers a frame of reference so nothing is left to their imagination. Staging a vacant home will create an enhanced visual appeal and emotional connections for the buyers so they can imagine themselves living there. Staging a vacant home always drives more traffic to the home and improves the chances of selling it quicker and for more money.

Design Services

If you're struggling with your home, let us help! We will take a walkthrough of your home and make suggestions. We will provide a visual mood board with exact pieces we believe should go in your space. Best part of all? We'll do all the ordering for you. A hassle free way to get the home you've always dreamed of. 



Not local?  Not to worry - The JKN Team is able to work with you!  Think you can tackle most of it yourself but don't know where to begin? We can help! Our team can build a custom furniture and design plan including accessories and styling and send it to you to execute on your own! We give you the blueprint you need in order to do it yourself. 

Paint and Renovation Consultation

If you’ve ever found yourself in a home improvement store staring at the paint swatches, then you know that there are thousands of paint colors to choose from and an infinite number of color combinations. Trying to narrow down the right color combinations that will complement your decor can quickly become an overwhelming process. Deciding which paint product goes on the walls, trim, ceilings and possible accent areas can be complicated.  We can save you time and money!  Schedule a Paint Color Consultation!

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